Kurt Cobain

I still remember that day very clearly. I suppose like many of you big fans of Nirvana, the suicide of Kurt Cobain was a tremendous shock. I felt sad deep inside, and couldn’t believe it, but yes...

Nirvana wasn’t only a rock band. It was a cry freedom, a spasm, a fear scream of a generation that wanted to get away from the cruel reality, that didn’t fit into the game of consumerism and fashion-propaganda-media.

Kurt Cobain was a good man. He was a lonely kid looking for something more than fame and money.

His songs are still now very alive and his fears also.

I still believe Love killed him. And it’s not only me. Millions believe it.

As Cobain has no gravesite, many Nirvana fans visit Viretta Park, near Cobain's former Lake Washington home, to pay tribute. On the anniversary of his death, fans gather in the park to celebrate his life and memory. In the years following his death, Cobain is now often remembered as one of the most iconic rock musicians in the history of alternative music.

Rest In Peace

Justice for Kurt. Reopen the case, now.

Kurt Cobain-Murder Mysteries -Part 1

Kurt Cobain-Murder Mysteries -Part 2

Kurt Cobain. We miss you.

Kisses and Truth

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