What is Fascism?

Here comes a perfect explanation of what a fascism can be.

Does it sound familiar?
Is it the awful reality in our western societies?
Where is the Democracy?
I don't see it anywhere. Can anybody tell me where it is?

In the meantime, Obama&Co are trying hard to solve our problems with more "democracy".
Spread it all over the globe. Don't be afraid. Just another war on a black flag operation and it's done.
Corporations and mass media are laughing about us and they continue.

Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and a few more crazy horses are making things hard for those murderers, for those about to kill innocent people all over the world, for those who pretend to save me and you and all of us.

Fascism is the routine everywhere. In the media, in the corporations, in the lobbies, in the pentagon, in the movies, in entertainment, in the courts of justice, everywhere.

Relax. No panic.

Nothing is written.

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